Interesting interview yesterday with Dinamo, who commission a lot of the music they use because of the nature of what they produce. Again, as content producers in the modern sense, they have full rights to exploit this (….previously, for example, productions for S4C would mean all rights signed over to S4C). This means they’re more interested in buy-outs of music, especially if, with say a popular children’s animation, they can sell it to the rest of the world. They very much ‘buy local’ however, hardly ever use production music – but they were interested in the concept of being able to go and open out the commissioning process, even just for 30 second stings – if there was one place where this could happen (music producers and those wishing to commission getting together) then they would be interested.

Various production companies in Wales have taken the changes in ‘content rights’ on board, some having formed their own publishing arms, to exploit all rights.

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