domain name

Hey, good meeting, and I feel pretty excited about this. Given respective backgrounds and experience, we can come up with something interesting. My main task now I guess is to get some sort of web presence up and running, so I need a domain name to work with. I’ve had a look at Ramshackle, and we could register the or domain names (.com is gone) – which one do you think fits (there’s also .info etc)? We could nab both for a few dollars. For voluntary sector kudos, maybe .org would be best, and it’s also nice and ‘neutral’ I think, but maybe it would make sense to buy both.

I’ll set up using WordPress, and we can pick out some themes which might fit the bill, use a multilingual plugin also, see how it works. Once set up, it’s pretty easy to customize.

Some good ideas this afternoon: local sponsorship for courses (could be a really good model once we’ve established), ‘Film it, Cut it, Show it’, and quite a few others. I think there’s a lot of potential in not just the training course(es?), but in refining and developing the ideas around participatory media using what’s to hand, very often for free etc.

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