good meeting

Good to meet you Hefin and Lisa! Bit of a clearer idea of the way ahead now, and some of the underlying themes for the question framework. What hit me was that, the underlying driver for many themes in our dicussion was technology, so I think gaining a perspective on the use (by producers and editors) of current web-based services will be essential ( and the like, as you mentioned Lisa, or music blog aggregators e.g ), with web-based technologies being particularly disruptive. Memory has never been cheaper, and vast libraries of tunes are the norm for all. So we know people (including music producers) are listening and consuming music differently, compared to even a couple of years ago etc. etc. – how does this affect current practices and approaches, consciously or unconsciously? This is bound to affect the next generation of editors and tv producers: so how can the music producers respond to that? However, people aren’t just bound to the technology, obviously, and good practice is more than following the latest trend. How important is company ethos, reproduced through informal/formal training etc.?

It’ll be interesting to compare biographies and professional backgrounds for those concerned. Though it’s not a scientific sample by any stretch, there might be some underlying themes which cut across working for larger bodies such as the BBC or coming from a smaller independent company background etc. What’s the ethos? Cheap and cheerful, or thought out with more quality? Also, what the attitudes to local consumption, in this case the sense of pride in using Welsh-sourced goodies, not just four-legged varieties? There’s a whole heap of understanding about economics and culture behind the decisions people make I guess.

Anyway, as mentioned earlier, I’m pretty busy on other stuff until Wednesday pm, but I’ll be writing out a question framework (and hopefully road testing part of it) before the end of the week, + filling out the diary for interviews.

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