more reports

Writing is well under way, but there are always reports popping up which I need to take into account for the final draft. This is just to remind me …….. the former Consumer Council which has been folded into Consumer Focus/Consumer Direct , and they produced a series of reports about ‘internet inequality’, including a response to the European Commission’s report in 2005 – though I don’t know yet how up to daye this will be to be honest, because the whole issue is so fast moving. What was true in 2004-05 probably will have changed by now. A further report/consultation on ‘e-Wales’, refresh of 2001’s Cymru Ar-lein, completed in 2007.

Atkins report remains one of the most authoritative recent documents, including good background information about the WAG strategies for the last few years. Background to the built and being-built networks which are connecting services both in the public and private sectors, such as Fibrespeed Wales – this site has a regularly updated news section on the project.

More on the education side, some important reports into harnessing technology for learning from Becta, and a really intersting site based in the states, Educause.

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